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The game/s of Tarot!

If you're reading this, you probably already know that games played with the tarot deck are exciting and fun. They've got levels of complexity and subtlety that far surpass most "regular" card games. If you like Euchre, Spades, or Bridge, you will love tarot games.

All the tarot games we've learned so far in my household have come out of the book Twelve Tarot Games by Michael Dummett. It seems Michael Dummett is the big published expert on tarot games. Twelve Tarot Games is out of print, but I've noticed a few copies available via Amazon for about $12, and many more copies available for around $40.

alfonsox started playing these games back in the 80's, and started spreading the love of tarot games amongst a bunch of us while we were in France last spring. We played French Tarot a lot while we were there. It became clear that French Tarot is most fun with 5 people, and so we started looking at other games that were good for different numbers of players. We've learned Konigsrufen, which has more bidding complexity than French Tarot, and is excellent for 4 players. Most recently, we've learned Tapp Tarock for 3 players.

One thing we decided is that it's best to learn the easier games first. French Tarot was a perfect game to start with for those of us who were already familiar with Spades and Euchre. alfonsox had attempted to teach Konigsrufen to other folks who didn't know any tarot games yet, and found it was too difficult for them as a beginning game.

We're having pretty regular tarot games here at my house in Oakland, California. Drop a line if you're ever in town and want to play!
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