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Ronald McDonald & The Tarot

The association of Tarot cards with the occult did not begin until the 18th century.
The association of Tarot cards with Ronald McDonald did not begin until the 21st!
Below are the comments from a member of one of my Yahoo Groups:

"Ok, someone correct me if I'm missing something here, ok? On one hand,
there's a desire to bring back tarot's original usage as a card game
like bridge or poker. Hence, this Yahoo group for tarot, tarock, and
tarocchi games.

On the other hand, there's a seemingly-endless parade of losers who
are spamming (for lack of a better word) what should be a legitimate
dialog. Case in point: Those retarded Ronald McDonald videos. What,
pray tell, is the point of those stupid videos? It doesn't persuade
anyone that tarot.com sucks. It doesn't impress upon anyone the notion
that tarot is a card game. It looks like a little 5-year-old got bored
with his "Grand Theft Auto" game video and thought it would funny to
do a video on his daddy's laptop. That's not funny. It's not
persuasive in any shape, matter, or form.

I just don't understand how anyone will accomplish the goal of
legitimizing tarot gaming in the mainstream if the only prominent
voices in the mainstream are little babies in need of a Ritalin refill
and a diaper change. What the hell are they doing to help raise
awareness of tarot gaming? Seriously. What the hell have they done to
teach people how to play tarock? For all I know, they are
tarot-divination people trying to discredit the gaming of it. Has
anyone thought about that? (Political candidates do it all the time.)
How do I know it's not a disgruntled tarot.com employee and *that's*
why those videos are posted? I don't care what a disgruntled tarot.com
employee has to say.

I talk about tarot gaming at some local groups here and the first
thing people ask me is, 'Are you the guy who posted those YouTube
videos?," and "Are you the guy who interjects 'tarot is a game! on
private conversations on chat rooms?' It obviously makes my efforts
all the more difficult.

Just a thought."

So now, the first thing people are saying on the topic of Tarot
gaming is not divination but those McRoll videos? Wow! I never would
have imagined that they would have such an impact!

For the uninitiated, these videos are remixes of Japanese McDonald's commericials, often called "McRoll" "Ran Ran Ru" or "Ronald McDonald Insanity"
They first began to appear on the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga and they are now quite prevalent on YouTube.
Lately a number of these "McRoll" videos contain messages attacking the divination website Tarot.com.

The anti-Tarot.com McRolls will typically be titled "Tarot.com Sucks" or "Tarot.com. Experience the Bullshit"
Below is the typical text quoted from these videos:

"Paul O'Brien has been feeding bullshit to the media!
O'Brien is the CEO of Tarot.com and here are some examples of the bullshit he's been feeding to the mainstream media.
'There is an intricate web of intimate relationships and correspondences between Tarot and Astrology.'
Beliefnet.com quotes from Paul O'Brien:
'Most people who play cards don't realize that our modern deck of 52 cards is derived from the Tarot deck.'
'It was masquerading as a card game for a long time because people could be burned at the stake for using it. And the court cards are modeled after the different royalty of Italian at the time -- there's a pope card, for example. It comes out of medieval Europe and its growth coincides with the printing press and the ability to print cards. It basically coexisted with the Church but was never part of any religion. It was more related to alchemy than religion.'
The Brandchannel.com article, Tarot answers by Alycia de Mesa used O'Brien as a source for its article
From the Brandchannel article:
'The Tarot itself is a deck of 78, spiritually meaningful cards whose origins go back over 3,000 years to the Near and Far East.'
Here is the evidence based truth about tarot cards!
This is the truth that Paul O'Brien will not tell you!
Tarot cards were not intended for divination!
They were intended for no other purpose than for playing a card game!"

I should mention that I am no fan of Tarot.com. Tarot.com is not always a reliable source of information on the topic of Tarot cards. Like all too many of those making money pushing the divination uses of Tarot cards, Tarot.com have been guilty of misleading the general public and, because they are one one of the leading divination websites, a lot of their distortions end up in the popular press.
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